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Past Tense Stockholm Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing

Having accumulated over 15 years of expertise, the Past Tense team places paramount importance on infusing sustainable practices at the core of their manufacturing process.

A 360° Approach

Made with passion

Designed in Stockholm, Made in Europe. Our products are handmade in Italy, Portugal and Turkey.

The need for well crafted products and unique materials leads us to prioritise European partners with high level of craftsmanship history.

Trims and small details are sourced globally.

Natural fibers

Always looking for the best natural properties, we source natural fibers such as wools and cottons through best in class suppliers.

We always design with natural fibres in mind over the use of synthetics.

We are also working towards eliminating unnecessary plastics along the way.

Circular Mindset

Sometimes we need to rely on the unique characteristics of synthetics or man made fibres

Synthetic fibres such as Polyester are always sourced with the highest content of recycled forms every-time possible.

Our packaging is also thought as a re-usable container to keep your garments safe throughout their lifetime.

Certifications & Traceability

We monitor worker welfare at our manufacturers to ensure sustainable working conditions.

RWS, RDS, or GRS, our materials are following strict certifications.

We are carefully selecting all materials going into the manufacturing of our products and are always working with suppliers we have experience with and with whom we have built trust and transparency with over the years


Designed and Produced in Europe, with the European continent being our core market, we are putting a lot of effort on being a strong local partner.

With our warehouse in Sweden, we ensure that the products do not travel further than necessary.

Long time partners

We pride ourselves in creating lifetime partnerships. Some of our manufacturing partners have been friends of the founders for more than a decade.

We always select new partners based on how good relationship can develop into and the potential for long term connection.

Learn more about our carefully selected materials

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